A New Monoclonal Antibody can Manage Migraine Attacks

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A New Monoclonal Antibody can Manage Migraine Attacks

A new monoclonal antibody, Erenumab was found efficacious in reducing migraine attacks and medication overuse. A migraine is counted as the 3rd most prevalent disease throughout the world. Many people suffered from a headache are used to take more and more painkillers. The problem of medication overuse may soon cease with the help of an antibody; an antibody reduces the count of migraine attacks.

Recently, only Botulinum Toxin A and topiramate are validated to manage the condition of a severe migraine and medication overuse.  The neurologists and other pain specialists focused on erenumab, a fully human monoclonal antibody that blocks the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor (reason of transmitting migraine). This antibody already exhibited excellent results in frequent episodic migraine management.  A phase II analysis conducted last year. In this analysis, a group of patients with an average of 18 migraine days per month exhibited a significant decrease in migraine days by an average of 6.6 days from baseline. On the other hand, patients in the placebo group showed only a reduction of 4.2 days.

Now researchers conducted a study to evaluate erenumab efficacy in chronic migraine patients with medication overuse. The patients who were participating in the study were classified into three categories – placebo, erenumab 70 mg and erenumab140 mg. All the participants were suffering from 18.8-19.6 days’ migraine attacks per month.

The erenumab successful to reduced migraine days among patients with medication overuse. Regardless of a particular dose, the group obtained erenumab, showed 6.6 more pain-free days a month as compared to the placebo group (3.5 days). Moreover, half of the group or more over a third of participants showed reduced migraine attacks. The striking pattern of the amount of medication used was similar. The patients having erenumab were capable of neglecting medicines for more 4.9 to 5.4 days, while patients received placebo, went without medication for just 2.1 additional days.


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New monoclonal antibody shows efficacy in chronic migraine patients with medication overuse


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