New FDA approved therapy for back and leg pain by austin pain associates

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New FDA approved therapy for back and leg pain by austin pain associates

Austin Pain Associates (APA) is known to be the leader in pain management in Central Texas. APA was really delighted to declare the very first medical practice in the region, an innovative FDA approved therapy for back and leg pain HF10, a new therapy that helps in managing chronic intractable pain of the trunk and/or limbs, including unilateral or bilateral pain linked with failed back surgery syndrome, and intractable low back pain and leg pain.

The aim of APA had always been to offer the finest and most encompassing care for patients in Central Texas. According to Paul H. Le, M.D., APA, Nevro recognized their brilliance and allowed them to be the pioneers in Austin and Central Texas to provide high frequency stimulation. The therapy showed much effectiveness in the back and leg pain treatment and Mr. Paul was really excited that their hard work and commitment to patient care had made this happen.

According to Adnan A. Khan, M.D., APA, “High frequency spinal cord stimulation is a jump forward in SCS technology”. With subsequent promising results in Europe, Australia and FDA approval in the U.S., Mr. Adnan and his team is really thrilled to offer such an advancement and relief to the patients with low back and leg pain.

In Europe and Australia, Senza system delivering HF10 therapy, experienced strong acceptance over the past five years and received FDA approval in May 2015. Senza is the only SCS system that delivers HF10 therapy. HF10 therapy involves electrical pulses by small electrodes on leads placed near spinal cord and connected to a compact, implanted under the skin.

The only SCS therapy indicated and approved by FDA, to improve pain without paresthesia (sensation such as tingling, burning, or pricking) and to be used without patient restrictions on motor vehicle operation while receiving therapy is Senza system.

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