Migraine and Insufficient sleep: A missing link

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Migraine and Insufficient sleep: A missing link

People suffering from migraine often complain of sleep problems. Researchers in previous studies have reported the relationship between sleep disorders and migraine. However, the connection between observed inadequate sleep and migraine has not been studied much.

Recently, a group of researchers investigated the association between migraine and insufficient sleep by using data from KHSS (Korean Headache-Sleep Study). The survey was conducted among the Korean population aged 19 to 69 years. A total of 2,695 participants were included in the study. Out of the total participants, only 727 suffered from the problem of insufficient sleep. The insufficient sleep was recorded through a difference of one or more hour between sleep need and average sleep time.

The findings showed that the frequency of insufficient sleep among people suffering from migraine was significantly higher as compared to those people with a non-migraine headache or with no headache. The average sleep time was same among all the groups. Multivariable logistic regression analyses were also done. This analysis showed that after adjusting sociodemographic variables (such as insomnia, short sleep time, poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression), the participant with migraine exhibited an increased odd ratio (OR) for insufficient sleep.

The results from the above study are sufficient to confirm that the incidence of insufficient sleep is significantly greater among people suffering from migraine as compared to people with a non-migraine headache or no headache.



The Journal of Headache and Pain

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Insufficient sleep is prevalent among migraineurs: a population-based study


Jiyoung Kim; Soo-Jin Cho; et al.

Migraine, Insufficient sleep, Association
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