Medicine in spine exercise (MiSpEx) for patients suffering from nonspecific low back pain

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Medicine in spine exercise (MiSpEx) for patients suffering from nonspecific low back pain

Nonspecific low back pain (LBP) has a lifetime prevalence of upto 90%, rendering it the most frequent type of musculoskeletal pain. Depending on age and sex, point prevalence alters between 30 and 50%. The purpose of this trial was to test the feasibility and efficacy of individualized sensorimotor training interventions in patients suffering from nonspecific LBP. This data has been obtained from the relevance of sensorimotor training in the therapy of nonspecific LBP patients and from the value of individualized therapy.

This was a multicentre, single-blind two-armed randomized controlled trial that assessed the effects of a 12-week (3 weeks supervised centre-based and 9 weeks home-based) individualized sensorimotor exercise program. During this period, the control group was maintained inactive. Consequences  under investigation were pain, and pain-associated function as well as motor function in adults with nonspecific LBP. Each participant was planed to five measurement dates: baseline (M1), following centre-based training (M2), following home-based training (M3) and at two follow-up time points 6 months (M4) and 12 months (M5) after M1. All investigations and the assessment of the primary and secondary consequences were performed in a standardized order: questionnaires – clinical examination – biomechanics (motor function). Subsequent statistical procedures were accomplished after the examination of underlying assumptions for parametric or rather non-parametric testing.

The outcomes and practical relevance of this trial will be of clinical and practical relevance not only for researchers and policy makers but also for the general population experiencing nonspecific low back pain. The current study is still ongoing and screening completion is anticipated by  April 2017, while measurement completion  by April 2018 and study completion is expected in December 2018.



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Medicine in spine exercise (MiSpEx) for nonspecific low back pain patients: study protocol for a multicentre, single-blind randomized controlled trial


Daniel Neiderer et al.

Therapeutic, MiSpEx, Sensorimotor training, Back pain, Low back, RCT, Efficacy, Pain severty
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