Median Nerve Neural Mobilization can be a new treatment approach for Cervicobrachial Pain

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Median Nerve Neural Mobilization can be a new treatment approach for Cervicobrachial Pain

A recent Randomized Waiting List-Controlled Clinical Trial reported that Median Nerve Neural Mobilization (MNNM) was able to reduce Cervicobrachial Pain (CP) significantly. The sufficient high-quality randomised controlled clinical trials are deficient that measure the effectiveness of neural tissue mobilisation techniques. These techniques are like median nerve neural mobilisation (MNNM) and their specific effects on CP.

The current study was based on the objective to compare the efficacy of MNNM in subjects with CP versus a waiting list control group (WLCG).
This was a single-blinded, parallel, randomized controlled clinical trial (NCT02596815). The enrolled subjects were to follow the inclusion criteria of medical diagnosis of CP corroborated by magnetic resonance imaging. About 156 individuals were screened, out of which 60 subjects were recruited, and 51 completed the trial. The primary outcome was the measurement of Pain intensity using the Numeric Rating Scale for (NRSP; primary outcome). Other measurement includes the cervical range of motion (CROM) and functionality using the Quick-DASH scale. The subjects were assessed at baseline and 1-hour after treatment at 1, 15 and 30 intervention days. Therefore, MNNM was implemented up to 30-days of follow-up.

Following results were drawn from the study:
1. The NRSP values of the MNNM group were significantly superior to those obtained in the WLCG.
2. A decrease of 3.08 points were observed in NRSP in subjects at discharge
3. Significant improvements were observed in Quick-DASH and CROM outcome values in the MNNM group.
4. Hedges' g also showed a positive effect of the MNNM intervention.


Pain Pract. 2017 Jul 22

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Association between Patient History and Physical Examination and Osteoarthritis after Ankle Sprain.


Rodríguez-Sanz D, López-López D et. al.

Therapeutic, Cervicobrachial Pain, Neural tissue, Upper limb, Single-blinded parallel randomized controlled clinical trial, Numeric Rating Scale, Quick-DASH scale
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