Low Laser Therapy for Pain Control during Fixed Appliance Therapy

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Low Laser Therapy for Pain Control during Fixed Appliance Therapy

A recent trial published in “Lasers in Medical Science” journal enlightens the role of laser irradiation in managing orthodontic pain during fixed appliance treatment if applied immediately. The pain during orthodontic surgeries is intense, especially for 2 to 4 days after fixed appliance treatment. Therefore, Isabela Parsekian Martins and colleagues assessed the effect of low-level laser therapy on dental pain by conducting a randomized, blinded clinical trial.

A total of 62 patients involved in the trial were categorized into four classes. Class I received laser on the right side; class II received placebo on the right side; class III obtained laser on the left side and class IV received placebo on the left side. Patients received laser therapy once before and twice (24 and 48 h) after detachment of first permanent molars in the lower arch.

The average of pain was found to be 1.1 in the laser group as compared to 1.6 in the placebo group just after the separation. However, no difference was noticed in these values after 24 h and before new irradiation. The females of the placebo group showed high pain levels compared to males after first irradiation. The laser group after 48 h showed the same incidences where females exhibited higher pain than males. Except, the first irradiation and after 48 h, no difference was noticed among genders. Both placebo and laser group displayed the peak in pain in 24 hrs.

The overall results show that the low-level laser treatment provides effective relief in pain only if given instantly after treatment and separation.


Lasers in Medical Science

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Low-level laser therapy (830 nm) on orthodontic pain: blinded randomized clinical trial


Isabela Parsekian Martins et al.

Therapeutic, Orthodontic Pain, Teeth, Randomized Blinded Clinical Trial, Efficacy
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