Impact of Subjective Cognitive Decline on Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Quality Among Migraineurs

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Impact of Subjective Cognitive Decline on Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Quality Among Migraineurs

The researchers of Hallym University, Chuncheon, Korea explains a considerable association of subjective cognitive decline (SCD) with migraine with respect to both migraine subtype and gender. The study outcomes reflected that the patients with migraine and have SCD were more anxious, depressed and perceived weaker sleep quality as compared to migraineurs without SCD.

A migraine is a highly destructive global issue that leads in term of requiring medical observation at neurological care clinics. Migraineurs often suffered from migraine-related comorbidities like poor sleep, depression and anxiety. Except for these comorbidities, cognitive decline is also another major concern among the migraineurs, but the evidence related to this association was not fully elucidated.
The study aimed to define an association of SCD with poor sleep, depression and anxiety among the migraineurs. Migraineurs of 38.1 ± 9.9 years (n = 188) fall within the normal range of the Korean-Mini Mental State Examination, and the Korean-Montreal Cognitive Assessment were selected for the study. The migraineurs who scored ≥7 during Subjective Cognitive Decline Questionnaire (SCD-Q) were allotted to the SCD group (n = 84), and others were allocated to the non-SCD group (n = 104). Both groups went through Patient Health Questionnaire-9, Headache Impact Test-6, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 to measure depression, headache impact, sleep quality and anxiety.
Higher headache impact and pain intensity along with elevated depression, anxiety and reduced sleep quality were seen among the migraineurs with SCD. No significant variation was observed among the groups regarding migraine type, medication, age, sex and sleep duration was noticed during weekends. The risk of SCD was increased during the depression and decreased during weekdays sleep duration as per multivariate logistic analysis (adjusted for headache characteristics, sex, age and psychological variables).


The Journal of Headache and Pain

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Subjective cognitive decline in patients with migraine and its relationship with depression, anxiety, and sleep quality


Sun Hwa Lee et al.

Exploratory, Migraine, Head, SCD-Q
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