The effect of smoking and alcohol on structural and inflammatory hand osteoarthritis

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The effect of smoking and alcohol on structural and inflammatory hand osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hand is one of the common types of arthritis. It mainly arises due to the inflammation of the joints and therefore, the condition may worsen by the over usage of smoking and alcohol. As alcohol and nicotine can create severe inflammatory reactions in the body.

To explore the scenario, Magnusson K and colleagues conducted a study in two different OA cohorts to explore whether alcohol and smoking usage associated with the hand OA or not.

Collectively, 530 patients with the musculoskeletal pain in Ullensaker Study (MUST) and 187 from the Oslo hand OA cohort were involved in the analysis. Patients were aged between 62 -65 years were considered for the study. Data regarding hand pain, smoking and alcohol usage was self-reported by the patients.

To examine the results, radiograph and ultrasound of 30 joints were done. For ultrasound, gray-scale ultrasound was done to check the presence of gray-scale synovitis in the joints. Further, Kellgren-Lawrence sum score was also evaluated to analyze the radiographic OA severity (0-120 scale). After all the evaluation, a linear and logistic regression analysis was done to figure out whether smoking or alcohol usage was cross-sectionally associated with synovitis, radiographs OA and the joint pain or not.

Overall, the analysis showed that smoking was not significantly related with radiographs OA in both cohorts and this relationship was reported out in men only. The association of alcohol intake was seemed to be associated with synovitis, but only in monthly drinkers. This association was evaluated only in MUST cohort. However, none of the factors associated with the hand pain. However, further longitudinal studies are required to analyze the casual explanatory mechanisms and associations behind gender differences.


Scand J Rheumatol.2017 Feb 1:1-8

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Smoking and alcohol use are associated with structural and inflammatory hand osteoarthritis features


Maqnusson K; Mathiessen A et al.

Diagnostic, Osteoarthritis, Hand Joints
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