Deep Brain Stimulation found Effective to Manage Drug-resistant Chronic Cluster Headache

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Deep Brain Stimulation found Effective to Manage Drug-resistant Chronic Cluster Headache

According to a study conducted by the scientists of the Medical Center Asturias and Central University Hospital of Asturias, the drug-resistant chronic cluster headache (CCH) can be managed significantly and safely via deep brain stimulation (DBS).

DBS is a surgical approach used to send the electrical signals to brain parts to manage various disease conditions. This study explains the long-term outcomes of DBS and related structural connectivity.    

A total of 15 patients with drug-resistant CCH participated in the analysis. These patients went through DBS in coordinates 5 mm below, 2 mm behind the intercommissural point and 4 mm lateral to the third ventricular wall. The 3 T MR diffusion tensor imaging (MR-DTI) was used to record structural connectivity. The clinical variables measured were pain intensity, headache duration, and weekly attacks.

The significant improvement in all patients was noted; from a mean of 39 attacks/week to 2; pain intensity decreased from 9 to 3 out of 10, and the mean cephalalgia duration reduced from 53 to 8 min. The location of the mean stereotactic coordinates was 4.0 mm below, 1.2 mm behind the intercommissural point and 6.1 mm lateral to the mid-commissural point.  As per DTI results, the target showed a significant association with posterior mesencephalic tegmentum nuclei and tracts, especially the mamillotegmental and dorsal longitudinal fasciculus.

Overall the results showed that the treatment of drug-resistant CCH via DBS is a safe and effective approach. However, larger series targeting those fasciculi with a more extensive follow-up is required.


Stereotact Funct Neurosurg           


The original title of the article:

Long-Term Results of Deep Brain Stimulation of the Mamillotegmental Fasciculus in Chronic Cluster Headache


Seijo-Fernandez F et al.

Therapeutic, Cluster Headache, Head, Chronic, Safety, Efficacy, MR-DTI
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