Correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and Chronic Tension-Type Headache

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Correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and Chronic Tension-Type Headache

Chronic Tension-Type Headache (CTTH), one of a primary headache is caused due to muscle contraction in head and neck. The pain is mild to moderate, but it can be severe sometimes. Scientists are continually looking for new possible treatment options that can help to reduce CTTH. Several studies have reported the presence of Vitamin D deficiency in patients with Chronic Pain. However, there is lack of data showing interrelation between Vitamin D deficiency and CTTH.

Recently, a group of researchers conducted a case-control study to find out the correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and CTTH. A total of 100 consecutive CTTH patients and 100 matched healthy controls were recruited. The results showed that the levels of serum 25(OHD) were significantly lesser among CTTH patients than in controls. The CTTH patients showed the higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency. These patients also showed the higher prevalence of muscle weakness, bone and muscle tenderness score as compared to controls. High incidence of musculoskeletal pain (58% vs. 31%), muscle weakness (38%vs 7%), muscle and bone tenderness score, associated fatigue (44% vs. 17%) and more prolonged course (15.5 months vs. 11.2 months) was noted in CTTH patients with Vitamin D deficient group. A strong positive interrelation between serum vitamin D levels and total muscle tenderness score (R2 = 0. 7365) and total bone tenderness score (R2 = 0. 6293) was observed.

The findings of the study confirm that CTTH is associated with decreased levels of serum 25(OHD). But, further studies are needed to conclude the effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation in CTTH patients.


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Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients With Chronic Tension-Type Headache: A Case-Control Study


Prakash S; Rathore C .; et al.

Vitamin D deficiency, Chronic tension type headache
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