The clinical aspects of migraine aura

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The clinical aspects of migraine aura

Migraine aura is experienced by less than one quarter of migraine patients. Some sufferers undergo “aura”- visual symptoms example geometric patterns, flashing lights or possibly a shimmering effect (kind of like heat waves) that points out that a migraine’s about to strike. Aura is often triggered from five to 20 minutes before a migraine strikes.

A detailed assessment of migraine aura symptoms is crucial for classification issues and pathophysiological discussion. Few studies have aimed on the detailed clinical aspects of migraine aura.

A study was conducted in which migraine aura attributed encompassing presence, quality, laterality, duration of each aura symptom, their temporal succession; presence of headache and its temporal succession with aura. A total 72 patients completed the study, recording the characteristics of three consecutive auras (n = 216 auras). The visual symptoms appeared in 212 (98%), sensory symptoms in 77 (36%) and dysphasic symptoms in 22 (10%). A majority of auras had more than one visual symptom (median 2, IQR 1–3, range 1–4). The majority of patients (56%) did not describe a stereotyped aura on the three attacks with respect to visual attributes, the combination and/or temporal succession of the three aura symptoms. A 57% patients also delineated a different scenario of temporal succession between aura and headache in the three attacks. Total 5% auras were longer than four hours.

Thus, we cease to know that these findings reveal a high inter- and intravariability of migraine with aura attacks. They also render reliable data to enrich and clarify the spectrum of the aura phenotype.

Cephalalgia August 29, 2016
Exploratory, Migraine aura, Prospective study
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