Baseline characteristics and prognosis among low back pain patients varies among different age groups

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Baseline characteristics and prognosis among low back pain patients varies among different age groups

Recently, S. Manogharan and colleagues conducted a study to compare the baseline characteristics and prognosis among older, middle-aged and young adults suffering from chronic LBP. The parameters considered included pain and disability outcomes over the period of 1 year.

In this study, authors collected systematic data as part of routine care in a secondary care spine clinic. Patients filled a self-report questionnaire and then undergone a physical examination and two groups were formed for 10 baseline characteristics according to individuals age in the group. These groups included were, older adults (aged over 65), middle-aged (aged 45–65 years) and younger adults (aged 17–44 years). Data regarding pain intensity and disability were collected at 6, and 12-month follow-ups and comparison were done between all the age groups.

A total of 14,479 participants were enrolled in the study. Of these 3087 (21%) patients were older adults, 6071 (42%) were middle-aged, and 5321 (37%) were young adults. Older adults were statistically different from the middle-aged and younger adults for most characteristics measured (e.g. less intense back pain, more leg pain and more depression), but these differences were not significant. There was no change in illness and disability over 12 months between all age groups.

Overall, the results indicated small baseline differences in older people with chronic LBP when compared to middle-aged and younger adults. No associations were found between the age groups and the clinical course. Small baseline differences existing in older people with CLBP were referred to as secondary care. Older adults suffer from less intense LBP but tend to suffer from more intense leg pain.


European Journal of Pain

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Do older adults with chronic low back pain differ from younger adults in regard to baseline characteristics and prognosis?


S. Manogharan et al

Exploratory, Baseline characteristics and prognosis, Low back pain
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