Arthritis patients suffer in silence

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Arthritis patients suffer in silence

Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder of joints causing pain, stiffness and inflammation. Although it may occure in anyone, it is more common in old people. A survey conducted by Arthritis Care has revealed that people are suffering years of pain before getting help for their condition. Research showed that a million people are suffering in silence in a perception that it is an inevitable part of aging. In a study with a sample of 2000 patients showed that 16% of patients waited over one year while 28% waited for more than two years before seeking any treatment.The survey results showed that more than half (52%) of people with arthritis did not seek treatment from their general physician, because they failed  to identify that the pain they were experiencing could be arthritis. Of those that did suspect they had the condition, 28% thought nothing could be done, while 22% didn’t think that arthritis could affect people of their age. Surprisingly, 72% waited until the pain became unbearable before seeking the treatment. More than 60% waited until their mobility was limited and 49% waited until their overall quaity of life is significantly affected.

Majority patients who likely to delay the treatment were aged between 40 to 64 year. Reasons given by people included busy daily routine, or they assumed that it is due to old age or due to injury/trauma in the past .

Results of survey showed that the number of people living with arthritis will increase by 50% by 2030 and treatment for arthritis currently costs around £5 billion each year.

Judi added, “We need to bust the myth that arthritis is an inevitable part of ageing and the belief that nothing can be done. We urgently need to see arthritis become a public health priority. Early recognition of the symptoms and diagnosis can immediately improve people’s lives and prevent more serious health problems later on. People need to be able to recognise the symptoms, know how to manage it and be supported to enjoy an active, healthy and independent life”.


Beating osteoarthritis

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People endure arthritis pain for years before seeking help



Beating osteoarthritis
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