Anxiety or depression - which is more associated with gout characteristics?

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Anxiety or depression - which is more associated with gout characteristics?

Gout arthritis causes inflammation, stiffness and pain in the joint area in the body, specially the big toe. In this study, the author helped to understand the association of anxiety and depression in gout and also their characteristics. Also, to draw the role of allopurinol in this context.

Here, a baseline questionnaire was sent to about 1805 participants with gout aged ≥18 years which were from the UK primary care. Prior to this baseline study, 2 years ago they had gout diagnosis or prescriptions for allopurinol or colchicine in their medical records.

Depression and anxiety prevalence was assessed using the Patient Health Questionnaire and the Generalised Anxiety Disorder questionnaire. To investigate any association between gout characteristics (12-month attack frequency, oligo/polyarticular gout and gout duration) and the presence of anxiety or depression, Logistic regression was employed. Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were as a consequence from the crude and adjusted associations. Allopurinol use lead to the classification of adjusted gout charactertics.

1184 participants responded to baseline (65.6%). Depression and anxiety prevalence was 12.6% and 10.0% respectively. In the gout patients using allopurinol (2.87 [1.2 to 6.6]) there was an alliance between attack frequency and depression. Also, association was observed between oligo/polyarticular gout and depression (2.01 [1.2 to 3.3]), notwithstanding the use of allopurinol (2.09 [1.1 to 4.0]) or not (2.64 [1.0 to 6.8]). Although, no association was between gout characteristics and anxiety.

This lead to the fact that, even if one is using allopurinol, depressive symptoms are followed in the patients who experience frequent gout attacks or attacks in multiple joints. In the gout management consequnces, depression may lead to medication adherence and participation in routine reviews.

Joint Bone Spine.
Therapeutic, Allopurinol, Colchicine, Gout, Prospective.
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