Which of the following is not correct in case of fibromyalgia?
Activated ______pathway which increase sorbitol and fructose in case of hyperglycemia and cause diabetic neuropathy.
Pregabalin is recommended to treat diabetic neuropathy based on the ………… research evidences
Except one all are peripheral causes of neuropathic pain?
Which of the following is not the feature of non-odontogenic dental pain?
Which of the following is not odontogenic pain?
Which gene locus is identified to cause gout in 2008?
Which of the following gene encodes renal sodium phosphate transport protein 1?
Which one of the following steps is not included in rehabilitation of sprained ankle phase 2?
Which ligament is most frequently damaged during lateral ankle sprain?
The loss of which two molecules result into vanished cartilage stiffness?
Which area is larger at the femorotibial articulation in OA patients?
Which hamstrings quadriceps (H/Q) ratio is considered as normal?
The bone at the joint edge grows outwards and forms bony spurs......
The rings of cartilage between the bones in knees which absorbs the shock, is known as...........