Which of the following does not cause secondary dysmenorrhea?
Which of the following symptom is not caused due to primary dysmenorrhea?
What is the efficient first line of treatment for dysmenorrhea?
What is the major difference between normal menses and dysmenorrhea?
Which hormone is responsible for dysmenorrhea?
What is the initial treatment for ankle sprain?
Which people are predisposed to ankle sprains?
Which sprain occur frequently?
Sprain is divided into how many grades?
How do sprains occur?
Which of the following is not correct in case of fibromyalgia?
Activated ______pathway which increase sorbitol and fructose in case of hyperglycemia and cause diabetic neuropathy.
Pregabalin is recommended to treat diabetic neuropathy based on the ………… research evidences
Except one all are peripheral causes of neuropathic pain?
Which of the following is not the feature of non-odontogenic dental pain?