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This video explains about pain and its different types, along with related mechanisms, pathways and receptors involved. It presents about nociceptors, which are responsible  for detecting different stimuli and sending signals to CNS and primary afferent fibers, which carry signals from stimuli to spinal cord. The video also tells about pain processing in the brain, how pain transmission is the result of complex peripheral and central processes and about inhibition of pain transmission.

9 min watch    
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The video depicts the relation of physical health and long-term conditions causing pain. In this video, a General Physician demonstrates simple strategies for managing a patient with chronic back pain. Moreover, this will help the busy health professionals to learn effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to use in a typical primary care consultation. The clip highlights the key skills for working with common mental and physical health problems.  

5 min watch    
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The video shows rheumatoid arthritis as a chronic and debilitating disease caused by a defect in one or many of the body's own defense mechanisms. The underlying chronic inflammation results when the immune system and its specialized cells that normally work to protect the body from foreign invaders start to attack normal tissues. The video explains the mode of action of a monoclonal antibody

3 min watch